I'm doing that thing again where I stare at a blank screen and can't work out what to write. 10 minutes of free-write it is, then. Just to get something working. It's all very strange. I keep conjuring up ideas but never get the neurons firing right to be able to take them from skeleton-ideas to… Continue reading Unwritten

Marching On

It's the beginning of March now. I'm not quite sure how that one sneaked by the radar, but it did. I'm typing this very clumsily on my phone, as my computer is giving me grief every time I try to open up a tab or load something or basically do anything ever. Anyway, I've done… Continue reading Marching On

Day 48

Are we that deep into the year already? I looked at a library slip today and the due-back date was in March. It feels weird. I'm doing a free-write tonight to clear the cobwebs because I just spent an hour practicing things on Duolingo and now I have 205 things humming around my mind. This… Continue reading Day 48


Freewrite tonight. Trying to clear a bit of the mind-space in 10 minutes. I think I've actually hit maximum brain storage capacity and can't conjure up any fun new ideas. The other weekend when coming up with new fanfic ideas has passed; the Secret Things have been less prolific, but only slightly. Query: what do… Continue reading Mind-Corners

Day 136

I think it's Day 136 anyway. All I know is I have a headache encroaching and I'm technically still in recovery mode. Strictly speaking I probably shouldn't be on here at all right now, I should be curled up in bed. I have the self-taught habit however of daily blog posts. It's a whole thing… Continue reading Day 136

Wildcard Friday

This was originally going to be titled "Flash Fiction; or, the Burning Need for a Time Machine". It's Friday and I've spent time today discussing poet hats on Twitter, sleeping late because my team leader declared today a day off, and plotting how to wipe out my student debt faster. I've also uncovered yet more… Continue reading Wildcard Friday

Wildcard Monday #28

Okay so tomorrow I start at my new-old job and didn't get it together to organise a proper blog post. Also, I surely have not done 28 of these freewrites on Mondays already, that is just my chaotic nature at work. See, what I like to do when labeling my ideas on my phone's Memo-Pad… Continue reading Wildcard Monday #28