Food and Life

Okay, I'm employing Wildcard Monday again. I'm sure this was supposed to be Etsy Monday, but also it was a public holiday. Threw my schedule out of whack, not to mention the hour I spent writing fan-fiction. So, daily prompt it is. I love food, or at least the consuming thereof. I don't know I'd go so… Continue reading Food and Life

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Eggs

tap and tap, crack the shell - vital to many a baked treat or breakfast. ----- laid out in neat rows in the fridge: each one is there for delicious food. ----- break with one careless movement and waste time trying to clean it all up.

Vendor of Items

I'm so glad you asked this, Daily Prompt. I have a multi-layered vending machine in mind. The first part, I take no credit for. There are books by J.D. Robb, and as I understand it they are very In The Future types. In these books they have a magical machine which provides you with food -… Continue reading Vendor of Items

Summer in the City

I've never really given much thought to smells of summer.Still, the prompt implores me to think of some. By the way, I don't have one set smell. It's more the bits and pieces that make up a summer's day or even just summer as a whole.So here's a few of the ones I think of… Continue reading Summer in the City

Comfort Food

First: please forgive any rambles. I'm in post-exam exhaustion. And it's Saturday.I don't have a favourite childhood meal. To be quite honest I don't remember much of childhood foods.However I do have a favourite adulthood meal. It's homemade macaroni and cheese.That's the vital thing: it has to be homemade. You know the Kraft stuff, the one… Continue reading Comfort Food

Home-Baked Goods, Please

My irresistible food is a home-baked something. It might be bread that Mum makes - so good that I refuse to eat store-bought stuff, disdaining it as generic and boring - or my own baked cupcakes. Because this way I know precisely what is going into my food. I might experiment a bit with the… Continue reading Home-Baked Goods, Please

Of Food and People I Sing

Once upon a time, I came to a thought. People are like food. I don't mean this in the vampire way, or cannibal. I mean you can compare people to the type of food you put on your plate. I was going to think about it according to the four food groups, but I decided… Continue reading Of Food and People I Sing