lights + fog + elixir

honey-gold spills from the teapot, one quick sparkle under the sunlight. above the cup, the timed light snaps back on with fluoro glare.   the elixir cools, steam dissipating as it twists into nothing. on the horizon, fog rolls in, stays deep in the city.   the city draws to a stop, waiting for the… Continue reading lights + fog + elixir

NaPoWriMo 20 (fog)

walking through the city: it's six a.m. on a chill winter day. fog abounds, i can't see more than thirty metres down the road. isolated - it's a public holiday. the cold brushes over me ignoring my fashionable jacket. the sky remains violet as one car swooshes past. gone, into the fog. disappearing in a… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 20 (fog)