passion (150)

burnt out; i'm tired, running on adrenaline to build up something that's been built so highly i can't manage it any longer. people call it a passion, something to be admired and envied and celebrated until it dried up. the energy has run out - the magic has gone, evaporated into a mist of grandeur and… Continue reading passion (150)

lofty (200)

she ascends a ladder woven from rope, silken promises and steely encouragement. together, under the light, they are luminous - hard to see the rungs, invisible as they are under golden-silver light. the issue is that she is given each rung day by day, and only under certain circumstances. the goals are lofty, and the… Continue reading lofty (200)

winter haze (400)

the city is indecisive tonight. late-evening sunlight glitters weakly off a myriad of glass, a maze of cars and buildings and filters through thin lace curtains. in the not-so far-off  distance, there's a series of factories and houses all burning fires. smoke rises, hangs heavy and congested in the air, curls into the buildings themselves… Continue reading winter haze (400)

horror, 1.1 (150)

we were in the third decade of working on delaying death: by this point we had managed to administer trials which let people live healthy lives until they were 145 years old. after that, their mind and body would slowly deteriorate. death sped up after that. there seemed to be a counter too: for every… Continue reading horror, 1.1 (150)

a social lesson (150)

It was the year 1712 and the Countess was hosting for the first time, finally declared ready by Mama to be a hostess. Normally, Mama or her sister were the ones to prepare - instead, Mama had decided she needed the knowledge and lesson for the centuries yet to come. She waited by the curving… Continue reading a social lesson (150)

comfort zone (400)

i  stood at the base of the trail. from this vantage point, i could see the distance it spanned: one small mountain, and wider than my eye could follow. before i could run, slip back into my car and pull away from the group, i applied sunscreen and hat, considered if sunglasses made things any different.… Continue reading comfort zone (400)

unfinished business (400)

the paint is slow to dry, glossy on the walls and thin in places. it was the least expensive i could find on such short notice, but they will be here in three days and i needed to be able to replace some of the furniture. they will notice, criticize everything and cloak me in… Continue reading unfinished business (400)

the gift (1.2) – 150

the tiny box plopped into her lap from over her shoulder, dislodging the book which had fallen closed. the box was no bigger than her palm, wrapped in several rough layers of white paper, and it barely made a sound when she shook it. this was unusual - normally the gifts she received were opulent,… Continue reading the gift (1.2) – 150

carry (400)

the books are heavy, stacked awkwardly into her arms and balanced somewhere at mid-neck. she holds them stiffly, balancing her body into tiny steps and if she moves her arm she's sure her elbow will crack. she carries a tote bag that once had been looped over her shoulder, though the straps gave up the fight… Continue reading carry (400)

out of reach (400)

creation has begun to disappear on me. the world has broadened of late, spinning on into infinity and permitting new complications in the form of ideas, spilling over from a dozen new stashes and chaotically organized. my mind has grown cluttered, temperamental: memory has eluded me for some months, holding back numerous actions from me… Continue reading out of reach (400)