The Call

Flash Fiction July, 22 They say that when you feel the call, you answer it. I've known people to go travelling at a moment's notice, packing up whatever few possessions will fit into a tiny shoulder bag or backpack and quit their jobs informally by not showing up the next day. By the next week… Continue reading The Call


Flash Fiction July, 21 How things work, according to her: You are a genius. You can do anything you set your mind towards, and ignore all the trivialities. They aren't useful. Pretend they don't exist, and they will not. How things work, according to me: Realism. She tells me all this with the depth and wisdom… Continue reading Elucidation

Paving the Way

Flash Fiction July, 20 You made magic look easy, did you know that? I'm folded over the pile of gemstones, imbuing each one with different spells as you requested me to do; a list of all that needed doing, and the spells which corresponded. It could almost have been easy, but the magic takes a… Continue reading Paving the Way


Flash Fiction July, 18 Here is your hammer and chisel; over there, you will find a slab of marble. You may begin. It's remarkable, isn't it? It's deeply plain, such a perfect blank canvas for you to start making your mark upon. It's ready when you are; oh, I can see the thoughts as you… Continue reading Unwavering

Stepping Stone

Flash Fiction July, 18 I'm climbing down a cliff, rocks eroded to form a natural sort of ladder, each stepping stone jutting out too sharply to be considered a safe or easy place to land. I've been walking for hours trying to find my way back to civilization; you told me once that to wander… Continue reading Stepping Stone


Flash Fiction July, 17 The city skyline takes a while to arise from the horizon; it always does, just as I've driven over the last bridge to my destination. Every time, I'm struck by how it appears to be a magic trick: one minute it isn't there, and the next minute it is, just as… Continue reading Outlined


Flash Fiction July, 16 She lowers the blinds,twists the cord between her fingers until the slats have narrowed and there's no space in between. The room is darkened, twilit in the brightest time of day and she tugs at the sleeves of her business jacket, steps out of the corporate heels and frees her hair from… Continue reading Enshrouded