In Wonderland

Flash Fiction July, 30 There's a forest tucked away on the outskirts of the city. She doesn't go there often; only in winter, when it frosts over and she has to wear thick-soled hiking boots lined with extra socks and haphazardly-stitched in knitted linings. She pretends it's for the sheer beauty of the place, but it's… Continue reading In Wonderland

On Performance Art

Flash Fiction July, 29 Every morning, before my alarm even goes off, I have to decide who I'm going to be for the day. It's my last conscious thought before I reach to draw my alarm closer to my headboard, already ticking my mind over my options. I don't like to repeat an option from… Continue reading On Performance Art


Flash Fiction July, 28 The walls have ghosts, it's the first thing she notices when she moves in. The manor is square, all clean sharp lines and matching geometry. Symmetry, to the point that if a light in the west wing flickers a light in the east. The walls talk, she's sure of it, and… Continue reading Wanderings

Life by Numbers

Flash Fiction July, 27 She uses statistics to guide her life choices; if she wants to buy a car, look for a new pair of boots or decide where to work she has to first do her research. It became her habit a decade ago, a keen burning interest in educated guesses and piles of research… Continue reading Life by Numbers


Flash Fiction July, 26 In her nineteenth year she begins keeping a dream journal. It happens when a few too many sleepless nights morph into sleep-filled nights, heavy sleep where there's been a slow-going burnout after weeks of not sleeping properly, and then the dreams show up. They never happen when she lies awake, never… Continue reading Turbulent

Unravelling Future Ghosts

Flash Fiction July, 25 There's potential here. It's your favourite saying, whether you're staring at a blank canvas or a plain white bedroom, a page in a novel just waiting for fresh new marginalia or sculpting a person into shape. The last is so easy because half the time all it takes is the power of suggestion… Continue reading Unravelling Future Ghosts


Flash Fiction July, 23 A theory: that time is a malfunctioning reset option. She writes, stops. Already she's working on proving the theory, catching up to herself as her mind slowly, ideas barely catching sparks. This is the worst time of working, when her mind fails to make connections and doesn't take things into account. Times… Continue reading Theorizing

The Call

Flash Fiction July, 22 They say that when you feel the call, you answer it. I've known people to go travelling at a moment's notice, packing up whatever few possessions will fit into a tiny shoulder bag or backpack and quit their jobs informally by not showing up the next day. By the next week… Continue reading The Call


Flash Fiction July, 21 How things work, according to her: You are a genius. You can do anything you set your mind towards, and ignore all the trivialities. They aren't useful. Pretend they don't exist, and they will not. How things work, according to me: Realism. She tells me all this with the depth and wisdom… Continue reading Elucidation

Paving the Way

Flash Fiction July, 20 You made magic look easy, did you know that? I'm folded over the pile of gemstones, imbuing each one with different spells as you requested me to do; a list of all that needed doing, and the spells which corresponded. It could almost have been easy, but the magic takes a… Continue reading Paving the Way