at midnight the candles flare back to life. air shimmers through a gap in the wall, cement eroded from years of storm and wind. the flames flutter dancing on a lengthening wick. on the table, drops of wax accumulate, clumping along the faded wood. rain lashes along the window, turning the forest into a mass of… Continue reading tremble

flame + kiss

flame jumps from matchstick, kisses the wick and transfers - burning it anew.   fire sparks below the mantelpiece, devouring each obstacle it meets.   sky darkens with smoke air kissed by charcoal and breathes energy for flames.

flame + peeking

flame peeks over the log of wood, nearly ignites - false alarm, try soon.   tentative, i prod at the wood barely charred yet - add on more paper.   engulfed now, the flame comes to life, throwing shadows all over the room.

The Candle

The rasp of the match on paper is something I've learned with years of practice: angling my wrist and holding the match just so. It takes a moment - the candle is new, the wick hasn't yet been broken in - before the flame catches. It's tiny at first, quickly heightening as it traverses the length of… Continue reading The Candle

fire burning so bright

Caged in a steel box The beast burns, destroying, consuming. It waits for no-one. Heat radiates as the flames blaze Flickering, forks, tongues of flame like so many other fire cliches. From another room I see patterns The brightness of the fire glowing A multitude of colours. The warm glow is relaxing, hypnotics. Mesmerised, I… Continue reading fire burning so bright