flame + peeking

flame peeks over the log of wood, nearly ignites - false alarm, try soon.   tentative, i prod at the wood barely charred yet - add on more paper.   engulfed now, the flame comes to life, throwing shadows all over the room.

winter haze (400)

the city is indecisive tonight. late-evening sunlight glitters weakly off a myriad of glass, a maze of cars and buildings and filters through thin lace curtains. in the not-so far-off  distance, there's a series of factories and houses all burning fires. smoke rises, hangs heavy and congested in the air, curls into the buildings themselves… Continue reading winter haze (400)

elemental, 1.2 (150)

fire dances in the fireplace, more seen than heard. there's only kindling right now, and it's my favourite stage: the room has already begun to warm, and now is the brief tension that comes with adding a small log, maneuvering it just so and waiting for the flames to catch. it throws long shadows over the smooth wood… Continue reading elemental, 1.2 (150)


bright eyes glow brighter in the soft light of candles. the night is a dream only brought to life by fire and flame, sleep and awakening. (with the flame, the glitter of fire in your eyes you are luminescent) there's starlight in your eyes.

Word Crush Wednesday: Joan Miro

I picked an art quote today, because I feel like it fits a whole lot of how I work creatively. When I start out creating something - poem, a piece of knitwork, or something that will eventually be transferred onto canvas (art harder), I start with 160% energy. I start with all the ideas in the… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Joan Miro

fire burning so bright

Caged in a steel box The beast burns, destroying, consuming. It waits for no-one. Heat radiates as the flames blaze Flickering, forks, tongues of flame like so many other fire cliches. From another room I see patterns The brightness of the fire glowing A multitude of colours. The warm glow is relaxing, hypnotics. Mesmerised, I… Continue reading fire burning so bright