Word Crush Wednesday: Fear

So, I have a job interview next week. I've got five days to go nuts with anxiety do my research. I've prepared, mentally. I've got notes written, I'm setting out my outfit and picking out subtle jewellery. I've had my major nerves session, which means it's out of the way and I can channel the… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Fear

Send Out the Clowns

Today, I was curled up under the library, eating lunch and reading a printout of Coursework, minding my own business. Nothing to see here. Move along. As you were.In walked a girl, wearing full-out clown makeup. Why, I do not know. She had the pasty-white skin makeup, the ridiculous gashes of red, red lipstick and… Continue reading Send Out the Clowns


cold anxiety andwhite-hot fear mingle.goosebumps, in the middleof summer - it's too warm, and I can't help being anxious.muscles tense and I can't focus on anything else.iron willpower crumblesin the face of this, still pending.rescue remedy runs dry.diversions.read too much andsend overly-long emails.it's not enough though,it never is.judgement day.are you good enough?wait and see.yes or no, thereis… Continue reading anxiety

Fear and Loathing, Not In Las Vegas

The daily prompt talks about fear, and knows what mine is.Spiders. Any eight-legged creature makes itself known, and I'm not above calling for my dad, often referred to as the 'Arachnid Exterminator'. I loathe them. I've never stopped to pinpoint why, or how, but it's comforting that my fear is a generic one. My fears… Continue reading Fear and Loathing, Not In Las Vegas