household haiku: light

hazy evening draws closer over horizons; sky pale blue and gray. ----- glaring neon-bright from electronics, constant form of stimuli. ----- fabric drawn, soft and shielding as the candle flame burns on down - and out.

poetry 101 rehab: evenings

sticky summer evening i went, alone, to the balcony. you'd called - late with work. the irony was lost on you. i made up drinks, cracking a fresh tray of ice and mixing things haphazardly into a pitcher. and waited. you appeared from smog. (we never asked after the other's day) you took a glassful of… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: evenings

Word Crush Wednesday: Robert Frost

It's a Wednesday, which means I'm feeling a bit like this quote. You know how some days are just slow going, a bit lazy, a bit of Zeno's motion paradox? It's been like that today, what with the interview-that-wasn't, and so... I don't know. It's midweek and I'm still waiting to hear from two people… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Robert Frost

Sneaky, Quiet

As the sun set, I moved on steady feet to the door, making sure to keep my pace even and neat. Quick, short steps. I eased the door open, inch by inch, wary of it squeaking, then drew I shut behind me. The one indication of it shutting was the soft snick it made, and… Continue reading Sneaky, Quiet