lights + fog + elixir

honey-gold spills from the teapot, one quick sparkle under the sunlight. above the cup, the timed light snaps back on with fluoro glare.   the elixir cools, steam dissipating as it twists into nothing. on the horizon, fog rolls in, stays deep in the city.   the city draws to a stop, waiting for the… Continue reading lights + fog + elixir

elixir (300)

widdershins, came the voice from behind me, somewhere to my right. i stirred, raising my head, murmuring the incantation slower than before. turn to the voice, i could not. i could not look to her, gage a reaction or try to read her expression. she was coaching me, this elixir normally beyond my skills. it had… Continue reading elixir (300)

deceitful alchemist

you told me always: tiny vial of potion, glittering, enticing - too tempting to turn down. too easy (foolish) to reach out, wrap clumsy fingers around thin glass. (the elixir sparkled, burned going down; burned away all your lies about always.)

literary lion: pool (100)

with a flick, i lowered the flame under the cauldron and wound the rope, bringing it to safe height for bottling. the liquid shimmered silver under the moonlight, a pale effect against the dulled darker silver of the cauldron. drawing a ladle from the branch of the tree and a bag of vials, i measured out… Continue reading literary lion: pool (100)