clouds sweep over blue skies. retreating indoors i retrieve paint supplies and canvas, bracing myself. one swatch, five swatches all different, it still doesn't work. a shrieking vacuum breaks focus here, stray slash of paint. music trickles into my conscious jarring me, or awakening me. reluctant to answer the door you, you're here despite logic. turn… Continue reading trials

weekly writing challenge: tanka

learning to forget about you. not so sure now,is this what i want?yes, no, yes, maybe, yes, no.think it is, let's go with that.not this again. that you?barely recognized you. how longhas it been - two years?just long enough to start toforget about you. you too?i'm an author project a year, i can barely picture you.… Continue reading weekly writing challenge: tanka

the desert

in my dreams, i envision a place.i'm here, surrounded on all sidesby openness.the desert has nothingto hide.i'm there, walking through the near-emptiness.maybe the desert hides just a few things.i'm back here again, in thisbland sameness.hills in the distance keep their own secrets.and this is just the surface.

promises made, promises broken

1. we'll talk later. yes, we will but you won't initiate the conversation. i will. 2. we'll spend time together. chance meeting on a bus, yes- deliberately planned meetings? no way. 3. i'll call you. don't spend too long waiting for me to call. it'll never happen, you know. 4. i'm always here. you say… Continue reading promises made, promises broken

A Moment Caught in Words

I'm on the bus, waiting to go home. It's been a long day, having had five hours of class - the days feel longer since I began university.We're stopped at one of the lights and it's in one of the 'better' suburbs, the kind that doesn't know steel roller-doors for the sake of safety. Through… Continue reading A Moment Caught in Words

It’s Not a Ghost That Haunts Me

"I killed a guy."Her voice is so quiet that even with my excellent hearing, I can barely hear her, and I'm sitting directly across from her. The cafe fills up with people, looking like some high school group. They pile into one of the bigger booths far away and her eyes flick to them, paranoid… Continue reading It’s Not a Ghost That Haunts Me

Music, Inducing Words

I've always liked music more if I can relate to it. If not relate, then at least understand it. This is why I shy away from songs that seem to be music for the sake of it. A few years ago I picked up a pen to write creatively I came across Lady Antebellum on… Continue reading Music, Inducing Words

Facebook – Saint or Scoundrel?

Facebook. It's like a bag of skittles: you might like it, but too much gets annoying and rots your mind. I've been thinking recently of deleting my profile, because on one level it's quite the time drain. Used cleverly on the other hand, it's useful. I see bands on Facebook, ones who might only have… Continue reading Facebook – Saint or Scoundrel?

It’s The 21st Century, I Love You

My perception of relationships nowadays involves a heavy dose of technology. This is, after all, the twenty-first century. Originally when I saw this post I had ideas of a short story, but a rescan of the prompt saw me thinking about the social media side. Social media is something I use a fair bit. 'I'm… Continue reading It’s The 21st Century, I Love You

WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic

For this week’s challenge, we want you to snap a photo of something that is iconic to you. It can even be a picture of your favorite pair of shoes that you wear nearly every day and has come to personify your personal style. Morning. The human drags herself out of bed and we wait by… Continue reading WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge: Iconic