sworn to secrecy (240)

she appears whenever i walk into a room. there's certain criteria of course; the main one is that there needs to be a mirror. it doesn't matter if there isn't a mirror though, a compact will do just fine, (i shattered every compact i had when i found this out) and i've since learned she isn't fussy… Continue reading sworn to secrecy (240)

Doppelganger Tales

This prompt is a little more on the nose than it realizes. See, I actually have a doppelganger already. I've probably told this tale a few times already, but here's the gist: A girl I knew in high school looked similar to me, and people mistook us for each other. We have both been out of… Continue reading Doppelganger Tales

Fears and Loathings

I'm not usually one to be afraid. Actually, when I read the challenge I was hard-pressed to think of something I fear.I have a lot of dislikes, but disliking something isn't the same as fearing it - or even being paranoid. I have a long dislike of vegetable peelers, for instance, and there's a reason… Continue reading Fears and Loathings

Refusal to Clone

Well, the prompt wants me to clone something from somewhere else and bring it to my hometown.I refuse. Here's a thing my English lecturer once said: that influence is immoral, because then the influencee is never truly forming their own sense of self. Granted it was in relation to a novel but the principle I… Continue reading Refusal to Clone

Mirror, Mirror

Damn you. Just because I don’t want to follow the herd doesn’t mean I want to lead a pack of my own, not that you appear to have realized this. It’s lashing with rain as I unpack the new supplies and set them up in my newly-christened “studio”, a blank room with an easel and… Continue reading Mirror, Mirror