This is my own contribution to my Stellar and Lunar challenge. I just couldn't resist. You see, I draw inspiration from a lot of things. A book, a poem, a song... In the case of this poem, the inspiration was the beautiful "Little Star" by The Controversy. I reviewed them on Saturday, and you can find… Continue reading distances



step away from here.finis, finito, finished.keep walking, keep walkingclose the gate behind you andbreak the latch.it's been a long time coming.no longer kids, can't keep repeating this and repeating, over and over.it's the 'real world' now.separate due to circumstancesfirst high school and thenuniversity - how clever.the safety net is gone.the little birdwants to fly anddoesn't quite know… Continue reading gates

Making Plans

"We should do something to commemorate your birthday. It's coming up soon, isn't it?""Well, it is, but you know I'm not big on celebration." She frowns at him, digs her nail into the table and leaves a small scar that blends in with the grainy design of the wood."Eighteen is important. You'll be a legal adult.""Fine.… Continue reading Making Plans