the night is young, wild; tonight i have freedom to do as i please. create or destroy my only instruction. electricity thrums through the air, my veins - endless possibility. i'll do both.

poetry 101 rehab: paper

you should know this: i don't come with a storm warning. don't think i haven't seen you, hunched over papers. i've watched you draft me into being; i've read your writing, smudged your sketches. (stolen pages right from your notebook. how better to stop your conniving?) watch me tear and burn your plans. you dream… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: paper


Response to this challenge. I am water. I am ever-changing, ever-evolving, twisting through life like you wish you could. (you wish i would change because right now you can't like me, i'm too unpredictable for you and oh, don't you wish you could be the one to change me?) I am unbending. I am a… Continue reading Unyielding