The Would-Be Writer

I feel like this is a non non-sequitur. Today, the Daily Prompt elves ask after favourite methods of creative expression, and if we like to do one or more of the things in a little list. Yes. Yes, goddamnit. Yes, a thousand times yes. Sorry. Was that a bit too punchy? Ah, what the hell. It's… Continue reading The Would-Be Writer

Crafty Monday

I promise, the crafty doesn't mean I'm up to nefarious deeds. It just means I'm making headway on my crochet. On Saturday, I purchased a crochet kit. This kit includes a "sewing needle", so dull you could not injure yourself on it; a poorly-done instructions list and a ball of lovely silver-shimmery purple wool. Oh, and a… Continue reading Crafty Monday

In the Stream

This is the first night in a while I've not set out to write anything in particular - thanks for nothing, Mr Computer who threw five tantrums and had to be restarted. I figured in the end I'd do a ten-minutes thing and if you guys happen to read it, well that's cool. There was… Continue reading In the Stream