Pausing to Declutter

It's February. Already. After the initial daze of wondering how January got done with so fast, I have stopped to clear my mind and think about everything. You probably know I have a dozen projects ongoing. It's the ambition. Here's the (partial) breakdown: -The collaborative effort. A friend and I are intending a cowritten novel,… Continue reading Pausing to Declutter

The Would-Be Writer

I feel like this is a non non-sequitur. Today, the Daily Prompt elves ask after favourite methods of creative expression, and if we like to do one or more of the things in a little list. Yes. Yes, goddamnit. Yes, a thousand times yes. Sorry. Was that a bit too punchy? Ah, what the hell. It's… Continue reading The Would-Be Writer

The Muse

I will tell you now, I don't generally do photo challenges. I don't know why - I don't have any special disdain of photos. I suppose it's because I look at things with a writer's eye, not a photographer's eye. When I see something, I find myself composing a description, not a composition. However, I… Continue reading The Muse

Another Freewrite

I find this freewrite very strange. Just spilling random words onto a keyboard. I wonder how much longer it is until this thing finishes... eight minutes, though I spent thirty seconds linking up a pingback. Oh well, no-one will mind. So there's the novel to be working on, and I'm sure I want to do… Continue reading Another Freewrite

Thought Scramble

The dreaded freewrite. Time to write. What do I write, what do I say in ten minutes? Exactly ten minutes but who's counting? How do you judge ten minutes on a digital clock anyway, the kind that doesn't show seconds? Argh. One minute down, but I think it's more like thirty seconds. I feel very… Continue reading Thought Scramble