Here Be Dragons

I was planning out a cool post for today, but I seem to have lost the train of thought. You'd think after the first year of delving into writing, I would remember to make notes, but I'm still catching up on that habit. I was going to do a lot more with the weekend, but… Continue reading Here Be Dragons

Crafty Monday

I promise, the crafty doesn't mean I'm up to nefarious deeds. It just means I'm making headway on my crochet. On Saturday, I purchased a crochet kit. This kit includes a "sewing needle", so dull you could not injure yourself on it; a poorly-done instructions list and a ball of lovely silver-shimmery purple wool. Oh, and a… Continue reading Crafty Monday

In the Stream

This is the first night in a while I've not set out to write anything in particular - thanks for nothing, Mr Computer who threw five tantrums and had to be restarted. I figured in the end I'd do a ten-minutes thing and if you guys happen to read it, well that's cool. There was… Continue reading In the Stream

Craft Time

My students settled at their tables, lured by craft time. As I sat down to supervise, excited chatter was in the air punctuated by the occasional giggle. Weak sunlight streamed in, bouncing reflections off the sparkles a girl was pasting on her card. They were all working so earnestly. prompt here.