Over Coffee (10)

If we were having coffee I'd be idling over a teapot of green tea. I've got a bit of a headache and caffeine won't help it. I'd tell you that it's been a kind of long week, but aren't they all? I've got my gym bag underneath the table - this afternoon's a workout day,… Continue reading Over Coffee (10)

People By Numbers

My ideal number of people is the fewer, the better. Place me into a large group of people and I'll slowly edge myself out of the group, until I'm on the outskirts. Chances are, once I've done this I will tune out entirely. Anecdote time: University tutorials tended to be around 15 or so people,… Continue reading People By Numbers

In Conversation

This admittedly isn't about an in-person conversation I heard, but it does involve a conversation, and I was quickly interested. So in a Facebook conversation, a friend suggested we collaborate on a novel. He had ideas, I chimed in... Basically we're now going to write one novel, with the potential for another two if there's interest. Once… Continue reading In Conversation


one new alert.eagerness rushes through veins,fizzing anticipation in my blood.each one a new beginning.fireworks, new and bright,different each timethere's a parallel here.do you see it?we talk, alive and interesting,hour after hour with onlya few short pauses.a new ending, a few last embers.no new alerts.

The Seat Switcher

Okay, so the person sitting next to me is very talkative.This is where I hop up and shift seats at the first polite opportunity. See, I don't especially like talking to strangers: you know how some people will, given the chance, tell you their life story? That's what I hope to avoid. I'm generally an anti-social… Continue reading The Seat Switcher

Making Plans

"We should do something to commemorate your birthday. It's coming up soon, isn't it?""Well, it is, but you know I'm not big on celebration." She frowns at him, digs her nail into the table and leaves a small scar that blends in with the grainy design of the wood."Eighteen is important. You'll be a legal adult.""Fine.… Continue reading Making Plans

Of Knowing and Not Knowing

"It's just strange, that's all."I put down my coffee cup and stare at her, wondering how best to address this mysterious strangeness. I don't need to - just as I'm drawing breath she starts up again."You can read literature that's like, five hundred years old -""Seven.""What?""Well, Chaucer predates Shakespeare by about two hundred and fifty… Continue reading Of Knowing and Not Knowing