Poetry 101 Rehab: Connection

electricity is all that connects us; wires go unseen and wi-fi is in the air. (you know how easy it is for me to leave?) take away the wi-fi, cut the cables and the connection is broken. (linked by invisibility) and wi-fi usurps blood, usurps humanity. interactions dwindle to nothing. (wi-fi runs through veins. don't… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Connection

Oh, How Boring

Today's prompt requires us to scour the news for something boring. It didn't take long. "Duchess Catherine has gray roots,"proclaims the news website.The scorn begins to flowAlongside a river of praise."This is what the world is"mourns one reader.The prompt wants a connection.I find one when I look in the mirror.My own non-gray roots are coming through, fading… Continue reading Oh, How Boring