on quiet

ideas swirl through my being, not unlike snowflakes - now you see them. now you don't. and thoughts are a chaser collecting new ideas as they appear - best to record them. communication is blocked a new lack of methods and the inclination leaves again. (twist the words, bend them to your mind and compel… Continue reading on quiet

People By Numbers

My ideal number of people is the fewer, the better. Place me into a large group of people and I'll slowly edge myself out of the group, until I'm on the outskirts. Chances are, once I've done this I will tune out entirely. Anecdote time: University tutorials tended to be around 15 or so people,… Continue reading People By Numbers

the witching hour

one swoop and it's midnight. light dances in the air sending messages to and fro. carrier pigeons put to shame they never stood a chance. raw honesty ask me anything it's so dark i'll answer. put away wand and cauldron there needn't be enchantments here. for this is enchanting already think you feel it too.… Continue reading the witching hour


the voice of reason persists. only it isn't quite reason encouraging me despite my doubts. one letter the sole progress deleted in knee jerk reaction. hesitation rules making me tentative you can yes you can. letters spill across the screen i am actually doing this. all done reluctantly press send and waiting becomes new evil.… Continue reading reality

Perfectionism: The Ultimate Word Barrier

My biggest problem with speaking, the biggest thing that blocks me from talking about anything ever, is perfectionism. You see, I've just finished another semester of classes - exams to come. In tutorials, I've spent hours gritting my teeth as a classmate stammers their way through an answer, liberally peppering it with 'like' and 'um'.… Continue reading Perfectionism: The Ultimate Word Barrier


You are a reminder.We don't converse foralmost a month and I'm calm, peaceful.It's been a whileso you contact me again.I'm happy to hear from you.Even as I write backI remember someone else.Four months and counting.You and he overlapped a yearand you never knew each other.Still, you're a link to him.Somehow it gives me comfort -you, linked… Continue reading Link


You know, you're really quite boring. Every time we talk It starts the same. I have to take the initiative and carry on the conversation - not that it goes anywhere. No matter what I say or how hard I try It's always the same, and I give up Only to have to conversation resurrected… Continue reading Tedium

Conversational Constructs

I try to get your attention Random comments Pointless questions. I ask questions To which I already know the answer Even though I swore once I’d never do that. For the sake of anyone. I refuse to act stupid or ditzy Trying to be cute, and Falling short. You have your opinions, I know you… Continue reading Conversational Constructs

Nine Secret Subliminal Messages

Sent or Unsent, Spoken or Unspoken 1. I write things in my blog that are specific, on the off chance that you might decide to take a gander and read it: thereby understanding. Even if it means I have to twist and shape my ideas and thoughts to do it, even if you have no… Continue reading Nine Secret Subliminal Messages