sweet + tart + imagination

candy, soft and sweet, soon gives way to sharp tart tastes - mouth-twistingly so.   chocolate, rich and dark, leaves the imagination pondering sugar.   and the end of the bar fades, dipped in hot coffee, mingling bitter-sweet.

fast + plain + bitter

the kettle's boiling, emitting steam into a cold, lonely kitchen.   it clicks off. water dissolves coffee crystals as it's poured, makes contact.   it's fast, lid in place. when plain, it's bitter, but it's four in the morning.

Over Coffee (18)

If we were having coffee, today would be a day that begins early in a coffee shop. There's a thick pad of paper on the table and it's crammed with notes. Ideas. To my right is a crappy old phone with a proper QWERTY keyboard, I use it when my brain is running so fast… Continue reading Over Coffee (18)

Over Coffee (15)

If we were having coffee, you'd be dropping by my place late in Saturday evening. I was out all day, and also out of the Wi-Fi range which was incredibly quiet. I can't be social too long, unfortunately. I have to be up for work in the morning and I'm already yawning. (Sorry) I'd tell you… Continue reading Over Coffee (15)

Over Coffee (14)

If we were having coffee I'd be well enough for an in-person visit. I'm coughing something like 87% less than I was a week ago, but I'm still on the cough syrup trail. Also, the syrup is utterly revolting. I'd tell you about the stories I've been working on, but just a little bit. I… Continue reading Over Coffee (14)

of thirst

the coffeepot stands on the kitchen bench, untouched for several months. it's been ignored in favour of a line of teapots, separate pots for different varieties, a routine carving itself out over time. two cups of energizing in the early morning, the second of which is poured into a travel cup; one of plain black… Continue reading of thirst

Over Coffee (4)

If we were having coffee I'd be debating with myself if I wanted coffee at all. I'd be standing in line, glancing between the packets of herbal tea stacked on the counter and the list of caffeinated beverages on the board. No, I want herbal tea. It's been a long week and it's late in… Continue reading Over Coffee (4)