of thirst

the coffeepot stands on the kitchen bench, untouched for several months. it's been ignored in favour of a line of teapots, separate pots for different varieties, a routine carving itself out over time. two cups of energizing in the early morning, the second of which is poured into a travel cup; one of plain black… Continue reading of thirst

Coffee Experiment

I would say that coffee, in several lovely forms, is my favourite vice. I'm one of those generally straitlaced people, but coffee is its own special brand of magic. Also, please forgive that this is a Daily Prompt and not other fiction-magic. I've got a sneaking headache and an increasing gratitude that I don't have… Continue reading Coffee Experiment

The Ritual

Every Friday it's like clockwork. She pours a coffee and reads the news, or watches it - though the second is a deviation from the written version. She waits until the coffee has cooled for three minutes, drains it and repeats. The early-on jitters have all but stopped now, she is so used to the… Continue reading The Ritual

The Stranger

He's in the cafe, ordering a latte. It's a very busy cafe, not surprising considering it's nearly eight a.m., and most of the tables are full. My table is the only one with a single person, and the piles of papers I've stacked around the condiments are effective in warding away others who might beg… Continue reading The Stranger