Flash Fiction July, 14 The bag of paint tubes rustles in my hand, a second bag with brushes and primer and varnish rattling on my wrist as I scrabble for the key. I've finally paid off the apartment, and I get to redecorate the entire place to my liking now. It's beautiful, but always been… Continue reading Abstraction

Creation Becomes Chaos

Flash Fiction July, 6 She begins chaos one wintry morning. It's derived from boredom more than anything else, and it's a tribute to how much else she has tried to do and failed, seeking amusement as she always does. It begins not with a bang but with a whimper, a story of someone digging the… Continue reading Creation Becomes Chaos

poetry 101 rehab: deliberation

here, mademoiselle, a row of masks - all designed to your specifications. (one to hide calm; three to hide chaos - four to demonstrate apathy) wait - monsieur - where is the chaos i requested? -my last briefing, at its most detailed had a description of madness. ah, you do not see it - i… Continue reading poetry 101 rehab: deliberation


the figure is placed in prominent position. she stands, tall and calm - there is no startling her. (yell; scream; brush by her _ she has already checked out) (she's still present though. look long enough, you will see her flicker.) steer close of contact though; she has glass for bones, silk for a frame.… Continue reading brittle

NaPoWriMo 28 (stolen from creation)

dance in a tempest: glass, glittering in the air. suspended then falling. clatter of broken items breaking (further) is so deafening. -and darling, this isn't a break you can unbreak. if you are not careful, you may end up rebreaking it. windows, blown inwards - diamond shower, cursed with red and purple. breathe me in, cast… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 28 (stolen from creation)

NaPoWriMo 17 (disaster)

after year two, you proclaimed it a disaster. lit a new candle like you expected it to be a baptism. wax melted as the candle burned down, spilling and drying up. disaster, again, and extinguished the flame. girl dressed in ragged white, halo of hair obscuring features; disaster, you called her. (no time to deal… Continue reading NaPoWriMo 17 (disaster)

thread count (150)

the days are drawing out longer, but time is running shorter. minutes skitter away, melting together in clumps that dissipate. promises are made - they break, flowing together in easy linguistics and shatter under pressure. they stick around just long enough for their value to wear off; then they're gone. bitter complaints go heard, unacknowledged:… Continue reading thread count (150)

Word Crush Wednesday: M. C. Escher

This week I've been considering chaos. It's everywhere: mentally (some nights I have to really shut down the hard drive of my mind, just to shut off the thoughts that run wild), physically (hello 5pm motorway commute) and... well, anywhere else you might like to think of. I keep scribing ideas to an app on… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: M. C. Escher

chaos theory

on wednesday, the world ends. a structure collapses, cursed by poor decisions and old knowledge. foundations remain steady, though one motion would destroy them completely. patience runs out, condemned by waiting too long and apathy. it's time now, to flee leave before total ruin arrives. fear is insidious, creeping by way of veins and arteries.… Continue reading chaos theory