Paving the Way

Flash Fiction July, 20 You made magic look easy, did you know that? I'm folded over the pile of gemstones, imbuing each one with different spells as you requested me to do; a list of all that needed doing, and the spells which corresponded. It could almost have been easy, but the magic takes a… Continue reading Paving the Way


it's a mystery. i watch online, videos of people who do extreme sport and fall, body slicing through the air to a safe landing. there's always an after video, a quick shot of someone pumped on adrenaline and grinning madly. sometimes they shake, trembling even as they give thumbs-up. i wonder what it's like. you are… Continue reading fall

Poetry 101 Rehab: Couldn’t

commitment - no, i can't. you are not quite enough for me to break the habit. older - yes, i know you're aging. so am i but it still doesn't change my mind. underhanded - i'm sure you think yourself devious. scheme and plan all you like. nothing changes, still. life - it's not long… Continue reading Poetry 101 Rehab: Couldn’t

Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 6

It does not feel like it's been six weeks since I started this up. A bit of housekeeping: I have decided that this will now be expanded to non-fiction as well. Initially, I started it as a creative writing thing, but from now on you guys can contribute whatever you please, fiction or not. The only… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 6

Stellar and Lunar Roundup: 4

Another Thursday, another prompt. It's been a busy week, one steeped in computer testing so various agencies can see if I'm a decent fit for the roles they're trying to fill. I'm going to keep this brief, because I have another interview tomorrow. This is all I do now, I go to interviews. So far nothing's come… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar Roundup: 4

Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 3

Hey people! I'm sure I don't know where the time is going. I forgot completely that it's Thursday, but blame the fact that I've been zipping around going to interviews and little meetings and whatnot. Even as I write I'm awaiting a call from the woman at the agency to determine what happens next for… Continue reading Stellar and Lunar: Roundup 3

Word Crush Wednesday: Gustave Flaubert

I've been muttering about longer quotes for a while now, so here we are. I've had my interview. I think it went OK, I was nervous as a nervous thing. It's a cool-sounding job, in the city, in a great building with awesome offices. After the spoken interview, I was bundled off to do a writing… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Gustave Flaubert

Procrastinators Unite

Today's Blogging 101 Assignment: Write a post that builds on a comment you left yesterday. "To an extent, I see procrastination as a stimulant", as written on The Metamorphosis of a Wallflower. And I was drawn in - partially because this is a post about procrastination and partially because the title of the blog includes metamorphosis, one… Continue reading Procrastinators Unite


Last month I began NaNoWriMo with the enthusiasm of a puppy chasing a tennis ball.Then, 10,000 words in, I came to a screeching halt as I wondered why my protagonist had left her best friend/the love of her life.(Characters really do dictate their own actions)I put away the Word document and stared at the ceiling,… Continue reading Challenging