Vignette (3)

Note: I spy a lot of things while on the bus. It's a run-of-the-mill Wednesday. Nothing stands out especially clearly: sometimes the bus is packed to capacity, but right now it's not and we're zooming towards the station where people will transfer to trains. In the background, at every stop, I can hear the driver… Continue reading Vignette (3)


The game of commuting is An easy one, quick to learn. Ten to fifteen minutes of Impatience, eyes narrowed against Harsh sunlight. Sunlight gives way to tinted windows And some shelter from the light. Earphones are a dime a dozen And it becomes a game: How Many Pairs of Earphones Today? Eyes glaze over, bored… Continue reading Commuting

Hit the Road, Jack

So we're going on a cross-country road trip. We shall take the car. Firstly, I've never been on a plane. Never really had the need, and it seems silly to take a plane from one city to the next when its all in the same country. Besides, planes mean you have to rely on people… Continue reading Hit the Road, Jack