the guardian waits outside the door, pacing to and fro. it's deep winter and there is ice on every foot of the fence. the gates are frozen stiff, locked with clumped ice over the keyhole. the chain behind the gate is solid, immobile with the dense layer of ice. the guardian has been out in… Continue reading challenging


there's forty-one emails unread in my inbox. on my phone, five new voicemails go unheard, unanswered. the number stays undialled. three tweets - a quiet yell with the @ and two instagram likes. it's all going on the tally. there's real perseverance, i will concede that. this is a waiting game for a reason though. what… Continue reading ongoing

productive + circle

the circle is painted invisible ink slopped across the floor. call it a circle for productivity, write runes up and down the legs of the desk. there's a bullet-journal to the left one handspan away from being unwittingly nudged off the desk. in front, there's thirteen tubes of paint and a half-ream of paper. pens… Continue reading productive + circle


she has a revelation, one morning. the sky is still dark, dawn starting over the horizon amidst a bed of fog. she looks at herself in the window, darklit and shadowy, and her face is crossed with the fine netting of a lace curtain. three layers of protection, she reminds herself on the sharper days.… Continue reading serendipity


it's nothing personal, she assures me. she looks especially pink today, light glowing off pink lip gloss and shimmering on chemical-pink hair. i just think you could do better. she never specifies what better is, but it seems to look a lot like capitulation.  


the world narrows down to a mess of straight lines. everything is neat in its place. every box is neatly labelled, tucked away for future reference. in place of a whirlwind, there's a series of linear progressions. they tell some story, somehow. viewers are never sure what the story is, but they know it's there. and… Continue reading conquer

to soothe

she unwinds from the day the moment she walks in the door. shoes are kicked off and lain on the rack; keys, deposited in a bowl by the door and bags dropped under the table. the stiff blazer is dropped over the back of a chair as she walks in sock-feet to the lounge. swaps… Continue reading to soothe