boredom (150)

the heart rate slows, oxygen and blood slower around the body. there's calm and calm precedes the onset of boredom. the mind is next to slow, lack of stimuli whirling down to a whittled spiral. and the artist sits at her easel, brushes in hand and a row of paint tubes lined up before her.… Continue reading boredom (150)

Seeking Knowledge

So, you guys, I have a bit of a conundrum.You see, I took my exams in June and in July I was told I'd finished my degree. All stuffs completed, all requirements met, eligible to graduate... So right now I'm looking for a job. I interviewed last week and proved that I can be awesome,… Continue reading Seeking Knowledge

Holiday Fever

I suppose I'm branching out a bit. I used to tell people this was strictly creative writing, but it seems less so nowadays.I've come to the conclusion that I don't much care for holidays. I hate having all this excess time on my hands - a month ago I wrote down that I felt like… Continue reading Holiday Fever


You know, you're really quite boring. Every time we talk It starts the same. I have to take the initiative and carry on the conversation - not that it goes anywhere. No matter what I say or how hard I try It's always the same, and I give up Only to have to conversation resurrected… Continue reading Tedium