Day 33

I think it's Day 33 of the year. Either way, it's now February and jeez, when did that happen? Didn't we just welcome in 2015? I had my job interview thing on Friday, I've inferred that it was a sort of screening thing. I may or may not have a second interview, depending I guess on… Continue reading Day 33

Progress, Part 2

If yesterday's job hunt was a slow hike up a rocky mountain in the rain, then today the rain has stopped. It's a breezy day, enough to ruffle clothes hung out to dry, and there's a dim hazy sunlight peering through the clouds. Also, the rockiness has smoothed out into a field-type of area and it's… Continue reading Progress, Part 2

The Hidden Road

I'm not generally one to get lost. I can navigate myself around quite well. Give me street names and landmarks and if I'm familiar with the area I can deliver you to the door, if I'm so inclined.So this one time, I found out about a bookstore. I guess you'd call it a 'mom and pop… Continue reading The Hidden Road