Flash Fiction July

So tonight I figured I'd get a minor head-start on the scheme I've been planning all week. I mentioned it the other night, but tonight's a good night to discuss it in further detail. You may have noticed that I'm a little bit in love with flash fiction. Normally, I keep it to under 400… Continue reading Flash Fiction July

Bragging Rights

I seem to be doing a lot of Daily Prompts lately. In any event, I'm writing myself a pass for it: I've got a bad wristache. Don't know how or why but it's stopping the pen-to-paper I employ with poetry. I'd like to be ambidextrous, but my left-hand writing looks like the writing of a… Continue reading Bragging Rights

Monday’s Musings

Today's stream-of-consciousness is brought to you by a butterfly journal and a purse-sized perfume. I'm definitely getting the measure of what sort of customers you get, working in a call centre. It's a pattern I began observing a couple of weeks ago; it became a habit to amuse myself when I was on inbound calls… Continue reading Monday’s Musings

Status of a Not-Resolution

A while back I swore I'd blog daily, and I haven't quite done that. Mainly because the job hunt is creeping along like a creepy thing, only that isn't an apt description after all because creepy is old haunted castles in Gothic literature. Well, at any rate it's getting there. Sneaking - sneaky. Maybe that works,… Continue reading Status of a Not-Resolution

Day 22

I've been caught up with job-hunting, and have not had much of a chance to be on here. I've been seeking admin-type work, and am sending out applications to places. Actually, one was less admin and more writing, so yeah, I applied for that. It's a media type, not fiction, but it still looks good.… Continue reading Day 22

Sneaking Back to Internet

So much for posting every day, as I intended to thirteen days ago. In my defence, I went from my job-seeker course straight to a placement for work experience and the alphabet has been rearranged. Did you guys know that? I didn't. I've spent over forty hours in a library this week, which is a bibliophile's… Continue reading Sneaking Back to Internet

The Search Terms

So I always like to look at the search terms, just as I like to look at spam. Only search terms are more informative, whereas spam can be straight-up entertaining. So yesterday I was clearing out the spam queue (such a satisfying task, and as a bonus it feels like cleaning) when I remembered to… Continue reading The Search Terms

On Pride

This morning I was checking through my list of posts on here, checking stats and so on.What I noticed is that my follower count has picked up - thank you to everyone who follows - and so has my total number of posts. With this, comes a higher volume of comments and I think my… Continue reading On Pride


10 hours ago I received a cryptic notification.You have reached 1337 'likes' on WordPress.I was bewildered and promptly reached for Google to explain how this is a significant number. 20, 50, 200, I understand. 1500 is more logical, even. 1500 is the minimum words I try to get each day when I do NaNoWriMo. So thank… Continue reading 1337


Hi.So I figured I should alert the people of the blog-world that I'm still alive. I've been forgetting to blog recently: two classes in summer school does that, it seems. Not to mention, I've found myself very sad with The Vampire Diaries of late. I found myself composing blistering rants, and then deciding to not post them.… Continue reading Housekeeping