Blogging 201: The Events

Hello! Today I really do feel ahead of the Blogging 201 game. Today, we're talking about events: participating in, or starting them. As some of you will know, several weeks ago I began my own event. I named it Stellar and Lunar for a variety of reasons - a key one being that obviously, astronomy… Continue reading Blogging 201: The Events


Blogging 201: Day 6

Well, you guys, I like to think I'm slightly on top of things today. Slightly, that is. We're to pick a social media outlet: I'm already utilizing two. My top preference for all posts is Twitter, because it's more fun to me than Facebook. I like Twitter because I feel that I can post more on… Continue reading Blogging 201: Day 6

Monday, Monday

It's occurred to me that for all that I've been planning out short stories, I haven't done the writing. Yet. Luckily, the ideas have tapered off a bit, affording me a little more time to breathe and work on them more. I have seven pages on the "One Note" app thing, planning a total of almost… Continue reading Monday, Monday

Blogging 201: The Audit

So we're on Day 2 of Blogging 201 - at least I am. I am bound to be perpetually one day behind. Today, I'm looking at how I've begun to build the brand of my blog in the last year. These two things are particular to the last twelve months: I established a Twitter page… Continue reading Blogging 201: The Audit