Letters to Euturpe: 59

Quick and easy tonight - I've been knitting another hat and my eyes are beginning to droop. Lucky I don't have stitches to count, otherwise I'd really be climbing the walls. Prompts for the week's challenge are: Distract Road Shoulder

Letters to Euturpe: 58

Thursday again. I'm still quietly generating ideas, this time whilst sitting unsuspectingly at the dinner table. The list really is getting ridiculous, and I must do something about it. I was thinking the other night, one day I'll write out every idea from my phone and old iPod and computer files... drag up all the ideas, and it… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 58

Letters to Euturpe

I've just done my German lesson for the night and am now half convinced I've discovered some magical non-pun. Mind you, I'm also knitting a scarf and trawling through iTunes so I don't know how reliable that pun is. Oh, and earlier I spent time thinking about three things more-or-less simultaneously, so I don't know… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe

Letters to Euturpe: 47

I spent some time today on the Auto-Didactic trail. It's quite enjoyable but I think the keyboard's never going to forgive me, and I do find I have to wonder what kind of mischief the folks at Duolingo are up to. There's clearly some shenanigans going on there, but I've yet to work out what.… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 47

Letters to Euturpe: 46

That project I mentioned the other day has begun in earnest now - if only I knew what to tweet. I'm trying to do secret magics, and also non-secret magics, and somewhere along the way the two are going to get very tangled up. So far I'm running on stardust, feels like. For this week's… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 46

Letters to Euturpe: 40

So I just found out about Secret Thing #3, which is the magical number to begin activating the next part of The Scheme. Originally I was going to update you guys on the Secret Things when it activated with part 3, but it's so close to the end of the year that I decided to do… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 40

Letters to Euturpe: 29

I'm on holiday and have spent part of tonight discovering that my sewing skills are not great: I tried pinning and stitching a hem. It came out uneven and nearly a tad lumpy. Clearly, this part of launching my shenanigans is going to be put on hold. I've also been methodically working my way through… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 29