pink + shell + edible

delicate pink shells are scattered across the sand - shatter in one step.   condensation beads on the glass bottle as the sun beats down on us.   wind whips sand up as greedy-eyed birds appear. (food's less edible).

the hideout (400)

for the first five years she tries to build herself a hideout, tries to hollow out space in a tree for a shed to hide; tries to slip into the depths of the forest and blend into the scenery. none of it ever works, she never feels quite right in the hidey-spaces she's stealing from… Continue reading the hideout (400)

cake + beach + time

time spent at the beach: wintry, sou'wester whipping the ocean, frenzied.   ice-cream cake melting, wilting under harsh sunlight. never cold for long.   dwarfed by an ocean, cliff-tops looming nearby - time to find somewhere else.

awakened (150)

he woke up alone on the shore of an unfamiliar beach. at first, he thought the canoe had washed ashore, but a quick glance showed it dragged onto the sand, tracks showing the path it'd been pulled. the oars lay neatly crossed over each other, rope looping through them and keeping them in place. there was… Continue reading awakened (150)


I think the Daily Prompt elves are trying minimalism today? I don't like it. I do, however, like the prompt - I surmise that they are asking for my preference on the places they have listed. First off, forests: I dislike them, because who knows what creepy-crawlies live there. Also, despite the fact that I'm… Continue reading Places