Autumn Thoughts

It's closer to summer than autumn here - we have the wacky schedule of seasons which puts Christmas in summer. I've never had a 'pumpkin spice latte', it sounds very bizarre. Call me boring, but if I'm going to have a flavoured latte I prefer traditional flavours such as vanilla. Caramel if I'm being really crazy.… Continue reading Autumn Thoughts


I was pretty much ambivalent about returning to school.I used to get really excited about going to classes and learning things; it was the people that made me nervous. Sometimes there would be a new teacher, who I didn't know. Other times it would be the same teacher, and that could be good or bad.Now… Continue reading Ambivalent

New Season’s Greetings Postponed

I laughed when I looked at today's Daily Prompt. It asks about the changing seasons. In my corner of the world, the calendar declares it to be spring. Spring is the warm-up act to summer, the prelude. However, Spring has yet to grace us. Winter is clinging on, bitterly and stubbornly. I believe the season… Continue reading New Season’s Greetings Postponed