If I Could Do Anything

There have been many things I wish I could do, and some I don't. Then there are the things I can do, and I wish I could group them more neatly. For example: I can write. I can bake and even put a lasagne on the table with only a bit of help. Making a… Continue reading If I Could Do Anything

The Future, In Just Six Words

For Mum and Dad. Love you. This is, in six words, the dedication I'll inscribe in my first novel when publishing. I would've made it longer, but today's prompt says six words. (I've never understood how an author can put in the barest dedication: one author, I've seen will literally just say For K.) Thus… Continue reading The Future, In Just Six Words


You know, you're really quite boring. Every time we talk It starts the same. I have to take the initiative and carry on the conversation - not that it goes anywhere. No matter what I say or how hard I try It's always the same, and I give up Only to have to conversation resurrected… Continue reading Tedium