out of reach (400)

creation has begun to disappear on me. the world has broadened of late, spinning on into infinity and permitting new complications in the form of ideas, spilling over from a dozen new stashes and chaotically organized. my mind has grown cluttered, temperamental: memory has eluded me for some months, holding back numerous actions from me… Continue reading out of reach (400)



Flash Fiction July, 14 The bag of paint tubes rustles in my hand, a second bag with brushes and primer and varnish rattling on my wrist as I scrabble for the key. I've finally paid off the apartment, and I get to redecorate the entire place to my liking now. It's beautiful, but always been… Continue reading Abstraction

countless + orderly

shatter crockery, put a brick through your failed attempts at stained glass. carefully, now - meticulous; tweeze every piece from the ground. countless tiny shards glitter under harsh sunlight, seeming to multiply. sort them by colour, quick - before you fall victim to tricks of the light. prepare the surface with the due diligence of… Continue reading countless + orderly

the forest cottage (400)

the windows dominate the room. it's no accident; i had the room designed this way exactly for that purpose. it's kind of a small room, not unlike the fabled attic at the top of the tower, but it suits me exactly. four years ago, when i collected a few bags of notebooks and canvases, crammed… Continue reading the forest cottage (400)


you fancy yourself an artist, painting portraits. go on, paint me - is that meant to be me? look away, i have a knife in my pocket and the canvas hangs at my eye-level. i see how it is. you are angered at how easy it is for me to destroy your perception of me.

Word Crush Wednesday: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So today I learned I still have a job next week. Right now it's kind of going week-to-week, and it's very nerve-wracking. My contract began in July as a six-weeker, but it's been almost a full twelve weeks and I'm still there. It's good. I'm aimlessly saving money for a mystery thing, I don't know… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Word Crush Wednesday: Paul Klee

So, this week marks the 'end' of my six-week work assignment. Turns out though, I still have a job next week. Apparently it could become ongoing, so I shall wait and hear. It seems a very open-ended placement, and the people are pleased with how things are working out. This year I've been working more… Continue reading Word Crush Wednesday: Paul Klee

Thoughts, Bundled Up

Another free-write. It's strange but the more of these I do, the more I realize I don't have an unfiltered self. At least, not when it comes to my writing. Every word is polished, every typo is corrected and the sentences fixed up. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I haven't a… Continue reading Thoughts, Bundled Up

The Cafe

I don't have a specific favourite piece of art so I'm going to name one I really like: Cafe Terrace at Night, by van Gogh.And now it's come to life, which means there are people walking through the alleyways and streets at nighttime. It's dark and the sky is full of stars, and the moon… Continue reading The Cafe