Oh, How Boring

Today's prompt requires us to scour the news for something boring. It didn't take long. "Duchess Catherine has gray roots,"proclaims the news website.The scorn begins to flowAlongside a river of praise."This is what the world is"mourns one reader.The prompt wants a connection.I find one when I look in the mirror.My own non-gray roots are coming through, fading… Continue reading Oh, How Boring


She's ditzy. She sits with a blank expression, eyes far away and vacant. It's like she wants to create a new stereotype - dumb brunette. (why should it be restricted to blonde?) She favours pretty, girly stationery - bubblegum pink and baby blue. Her counterparts favour navy and red. (fluffy, insipid) Her nails are always… Continue reading Claws


She combs on mascara Tilting her head this way and that. Smudge of dark eyeliner, appreciate how Skin seems to pale in contrast. Shimmer of gloss Fuss with hair, tugging, trimming strays Smoothing into place. Add hand-cream, Touch up nail polish. This is morning routine. She blames society, half-heartedly, for seductive Shelves of glossy cosmetics… Continue reading Sculpture