Letters to Euturpe: 43

I am in a mystery mood tonight. During my recent bouts of boredom, I've picked up watching Sherlock. I'm all caught up on various other fandoms - wait, I tell a lie, there is one that I'm halfway through and I'm a third of the way through another. Okay, I'm not all caught up, but you… Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 43

And The Verdict Is…

Just kidding! There's no verdict yet. Quick recap: on Wednesday I sat an exam had a Mega Job Interview and they said I'd maybe have an answer by the end of the week. It is Monday. I do not have an answer. I have been trembly like a rabbit, one who sits exams and then… Continue reading And The Verdict Is…

Stories They Don’t Tell You

Graduation is a thing that can go either way. Some people look forward to it, others dread it. I skipped my high school graduation because I was so keen to get out, and I didn't want the formalities. I attended my university graduation, because I felt it was more worthy of attending. You have to… Continue reading Stories They Don’t Tell You


the voice of reason persists. only it isn't quite reason encouraging me despite my doubts. one letter the sole progress deleted in knee jerk reaction. hesitation rules making me tentative you can yes you can. letters spill across the screen i am actually doing this. all done reluctantly press send and waiting becomes new evil.… Continue reading reality


shards of glass, everywhere.blue, purple, green -jumbled, mismatched.i've got no idea where to start.lost and unsure -anxiety turns blood to ice.warmth is fleetingly crueland sometimes in charge.no news yet -that column's blank.ironic then, that itook art history.two out of three done -awaiting the third.write a pretty storycreate futile distractions.time to take up the tweezers.


cold anxiety andwhite-hot fear mingle.goosebumps, in the middleof summer - it's too warm, and I can't help being anxious.muscles tense and I can't focus on anything else.iron willpower crumblesin the face of this, still pending.rescue remedy runs dry.diversions.read too much andsend overly-long emails.it's not enough though,it never is.judgement day.are you good enough?wait and see.yes or no, thereis… Continue reading anxiety

Oh Dear. It’s Noise.

Granted, this isn't a noise that refuses to go away, but it still brings out the eye-twitch and tension.It's the beeping of kitchen appliances. The microwave and fridge are especially guilty of this. If left open too long, the fridge will beep. If deprived of attention it will keep on beeping, until it gets what it… Continue reading Oh Dear. It’s Noise.