NaNoWriMo: The Perfectionist’s Tale

Alrighty, I'm more or less midway through NaNoWriMo. Do you guys know that I am basically a perfectionist? Have I ever mentioned it? If not, I am mentioning it now. I'm the sort of person who has honed my morning routine to a fine art, every waking-half-hour precisely the same as yesterday. I will literally delete… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: The Perfectionist’s Tale

The Travelling Writer

For Day 6 of Writing 101. I am not a fussy person about where I write. I have been able to write in a noisy cafe, where there are a couple dozen other people all talking and with the cafe noises - you know, cutlery and coffee machines and what-have-you. I wish I was the person… Continue reading The Travelling Writer

Monday, Disguised

Today is Monday. But! I tell a lie. It is not Monday, but Sunday. You see, I worked my first Sunday-shift, and the mind-tricks have begun. I am deeply used to working Monday-Friday. When I arose today, having first woken at 5:03am, I thought "It's Monday." Logically, I knew it was not. Less logically, I… Continue reading Monday, Disguised

As If It Were A Secret

Checking in for Day 3 of Writing 101: Single word prompt. I'm picking secret. I like secrets. Not the deep dark life-threatening kind, or the Pretty Little Liars kind. What I like about secrets is how they're hidden - I know. Hideously obvious. It's their nature though, the way you can make anything like a secret. Or you… Continue reading As If It Were A Secret

The Wrimo Is In Residence

I know, I'm completely mucking up anything that ever resembled a blog schedule. To think, I was so pleased with myself when I first created it - all eager plans and mischief. Ha. Not that I mind - well, I suppose I do mind a little bit, but anyway. The past is past. I promise I'll… Continue reading The Wrimo Is In Residence