NaNoWriMo: Inspiration Creek Runs Dry

Today, I'm thinking about NaNoWriMo. Chiefly, I'm thinking about the burnout that can occur if you batter your keyboard too long and too often. Maybe you've sat down, cracked open a can of your favourite drink and a fresh Word Document on November 1; then you gulped down that drink like it was giving you inspiration… Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Inspiration Creek Runs Dry

Power of Suggestion

I don't generally ask for advice, so there isn't really something I wish I'd been told. This, then, becomes the advice I would give anyone in this boat. For the record, this boat I'm in is the age old one of (fairly) recent university graduate, looking for a job because I studied something that wouldn't… Continue reading Power of Suggestion

The Faux Landlords’ Odd Trio

It's an unusually sunny day and I'm in the sort of mood where even grocery shopping could be fun, rather than the usual chore. It's the type of day where one might speed through the aisles of  the supermarket, before racing home to offload and go to the beach. The doorbell rings. Peering through the… Continue reading The Faux Landlords’ Odd Trio

The Power of Suggestion

One piece of advice I would've liked to hear, at any point in my life, is this: Don't settle.Don't settle for friends who provide boring conversation and turn on you because you don't conform to a certain role. Don't settle for how much you do know, but keep searching out knowledge. Don't settle for wishing… Continue reading The Power of Suggestion

Of Blogging and Examining

This topic leaped into my head. It's a thing I am dealing with, and I don't doubt that thousands of others are in the same boat. The same slightly too small boat on which you don't have much spending money.Exams. They plague us and so, for some, blogging is a bit of a refuge. Type… Continue reading Of Blogging and Examining