Through the Lens of a Faux Landlord

Either an explanation or a red herring. She's installed a new roommate hoping to cut down living costs. To the best of my legal knowledge, there was nothing in the lease contract prohibiting this, and it's always good to have the company.  It's been an adventure too, of a sort: living with someone who has… Continue reading Through the Lens of a Faux Landlord

Stage 7 of “Adulting”

I write this from my sickbed (by that I mean the bed on which I am sporadically reclining whilst sick). I'm not terribly sick, but enough so that I got a bottle of hideous-tasting cough syrup in a bid to soothe my throat. *coughs and hacks* So today I had a driving lesson. I'd put… Continue reading Stage 7 of “Adulting”

All Growed Up

I genuinely can't remember if I imagined my adult life as a kid.Over a decade ago I barely knew universities existed: I was smart, I guess, but hampered by a small town. That narrowed my concept of the future.Small Town, population under 10,000, had under five schools. When I moved to the city, I had… Continue reading All Growed Up