First Down

Janie was first to fall. I knew she would by the way she chewed her fingernails thinking no-one was looking; how she overperformed a move as if compensating for poor execution. Part of me wanted to comfort her, but no - she was competition. I stepped into the spotlight and began. prompt here.

Craft Time

My students settled at their tables, lured by craft time. As I sat down to supervise, excited chatter was in the air punctuated by the occasional giggle. Weak sunlight streamed in, bouncing reflections off the sparkles a girl was pasting on her card. They were all working so earnestly. prompt here.

as if in a dream

the car glides over the road, slashing through puddles and churning water up. windshield wipers sway back and forth, trying to clear the rain. it's pointless, new drops fall as quickly as they're cleared. the world is hazy, blurred to dreamlike quality, narrowed to this bubble. response to this challenge.

On the River

I'm drifting, a lazy summer day. There's no need to row - there's enough of a current that I'm being pulled slowly downstream. The boat is old, rickety, and a rumble of thunder sounds in the distance. Birds flock through the air, escaping. Rain starts, chilling the air - time to go. response to this… Continue reading On the River

By The Water

response to this. Frank tugged the glove off and put it aside, already finding fresh bait for the hook. Beside him, Jake watched vigilantly, still waiting for magic to happen. The hook was cast; the line bowed under the catch, nearly snapping. He didn't notice the missing glove until later.

50-Word Story: Sticky

The ice-cream melted under the sunlight, dripping off the end of the cone, painted the ground bright pink. Emily found a bottle of water, a tissue, and cleaned herself up. Vowed to find a washroom as soon as she could. Her hands were sticky; it felt like revisiting her childhood. prompt 'sticky' here.

50 Word Story: Ladybug

Claire peeled the sheet of paper from the notepad, slipping it aside. The lecture was dry, tedious. Hidden, almost out of sight at the back of the room, her pen swept over the paper. Ladybugs of all sizes covered the page. Her mother always used to say ladybugs were lucky. prompt 'ladybird' here.