vanished (400)

the glass acts as a type of portal, separating ancestress from descendant. it's been passed down over the centuries, held onto for dear life and handed down when the call came. the story is that the first one to live out the myth managed to enchant it in her last mortal act, and now the… Continue reading vanished (400)

lies i tell (400)

sorry. sorry, darlings, that i'm not the woman you want me to be. i'm so sorry that i'm inflexible, that i don't believe in changing myself purely for you. and for all the mes that you want me to be, the carbon-blotted copies you believe could exist in a hundred other universes - the girls you think… Continue reading lies i tell (400)

shadow of a record (400)

the ballroom is old, crumbling. the walls are no longer the vibrant blue as pictured in my photo-brochure; the marble floor is scratched from thousands of tourists, footprints disturbing a fine film of dust. in one corner is a gramophone, shoved out of the way of tourist feet. on the far wall is a portrait… Continue reading shadow of a record (400)

memory shelf (400)

once, i built a shelf. it was a wonky, shoddy-looking thing, hanging crookedly from the wall, haphazardly suspended by a combination of metal pieces and some thin rope harness. i recognized this even as i admired my handiwork, this first little achievement. the first time i placed an item on it, it toppled dangerously, swaying… Continue reading memory shelf (400)

at the beginning (400)

it begins with a window. you're brushing over the frame, rag in one hand, polish in the other. i'd ask what you're doing, but i don't quite care to know. besides, it's obvious enough: restoration of a kind, some new creation you fancy taking place. come away from that, i think, and you do. light the… Continue reading at the beginning (400)

The 400 Words

I don’t know what to write, really. I feel like I’ve covered a lot of the usual topics by now. I could go on a bit more about exams and all that, but I did that the other day.Free-writing is not my thing. Last time I did this someone commented on how organized my thoughts… Continue reading The 400 Words