scrabbling at tile (400)

the tiles are stacked, five deep, in rows around the room. if i unfocus my eyes they become towers, columns of origin unknown, narrowing down the room into a tiny cell-like space. this is what i get for buying them two or three at a time when there's space on the credit card, and laying… Continue reading scrabbling at tile (400)

the hideout (400)

for the first five years she tries to build herself a hideout, tries to hollow out space in a tree for a shed to hide; tries to slip into the depths of the forest and blend into the scenery. none of it ever works, she never feels quite right in the hidey-spaces she's stealing from… Continue reading the hideout (400)

aesthetic (400)

she decides it's time to try and paint a portrait of herself. for years now she's dabbled in art, picking and choosing mediums at whim and discarding subjects without discerning first. there's not one thing that suits her, she knows this after months of working on one after the other. there's dozens of canvases lying around,… Continue reading aesthetic (400)

uneven (400)

the kitchen is out of order, off-kilter. the benchtop is narrow, evenly-matched, but on one side there's five cupboards and the other panel has eleven, some from the ceiling and others from the ground. it should be a u-shape, built and broken up, distributed around the three appliances, space taken up by smaller appliances. she… Continue reading uneven (400)

by nightlight (400)

she's watchful of the night sky, waiting for it to arrive before she slips out under a cloak of her own making. outside, the city hums, content with the work from the rest of the day, and people are few and far between. tonight she's tempted to take a glass to the roof, fill it… Continue reading by nightlight (400)

the apparition (400)

there's a ghost outside my bedroom window. he likes to appear on rainy afternoons, and just after the last dregs of the storm have cleared. by daylight he's a trickster, showing up in the reflection of the mirror before he is gone, disappearing as quick as flicking a switch. sometimes, i think he has been… Continue reading the apparition (400)

sacred (400)

the runes are laid out, slicing a circle into twelve even pieces on the forest floor. in the centre is lucky thirteen, added on a whim. in the carver's pocket there's a spare twig and a rumpled bit of parchment detailing the meaning of each one. technically it's not breaking any rules. nor is the… Continue reading sacred (400)