storm warning (150)

if you watch carefully, all the signs of the impending storm are there - you just have to be around, watching to see them form. first, clear turns to gray - midnight navy melts into deep dark black, immeasurable. second, the gray darkens: pale gray on the first day becomes charcoal by the third. it's all the same, always… Continue reading storm warning (150)

inversion (150)

she's running through the world, twisting her own stories into trails behind her, collecting words and mixing them into books, drinking bitter coffee she doesn't like and speaking languages that trip her up with complex structures. it's easy to dive back into her books, to seek out libraries in every stop but that's not the… Continue reading inversion (150)


it was years ago that your shadow began to follow me, slow at first and then chasing me with a greater velocity as time moved along. you needed my attention, thrived on devotion and trembled under dismissal. (tried to create weakness; remember you're not the villain of this story) and then you wilted, shadow attached to… Continue reading consumption

gravitation (150)

remember you said you would turn the earth on its axis for me? ruin our relationship with gravity, just so i could grasp at the sky and admire the texture of the clouds? i remember the taste of salt, heavy in the air from oceans crashing at my front door and stumbling through forests, funhouse-warped,… Continue reading gravitation (150)

the runner (150)

you accuse me of being a drifter, vague in the way that i slip through the years. you've always liked to stay back and watch me work, never quite placing a definite on the table. it's true, so tempting to always offer maybe, like it's a promise for all that's yet to come. (maybe...?) and so life… Continue reading the runner (150)


watch as i move into your environment, coax life out of all the elements that are in place, note the patina of confidence that hovers, reflecting in your face and dulling your eyes. i am not by nature a deceitful creature, but supernaturally i am something which creates a mask, wears it so well you can't… Continue reading duplicitous

burning (150)

infinity spans the back of my eyelids; running through time, i'm blazing a path into the ground under my heels. time is fluid, mine to manipulate and weave around me, creating a cloak that i wear and tear daily. it's easy to skip through, accelerating through the dull patches. watch me work, will you? i need… Continue reading burning (150)

uncapped (150)

we're not free, you know, you spoke lazily, allowing the words to drift around you like smoke before dissolving into the atmosphere, absorbed. i allowed myself to drift through the words, wandering through the air. perhaps if i run my fingers through the air i'd catch them, examine them - set them free again. i… Continue reading uncapped (150)

a countdown (150)

turn around, don't watch me walk away this time. i don't think i could stand the pressure. instead, turn away, let's both be ignorant of the other for this moment. it's only a few steps; this isn't something complicated. (it's only what you make of it; don't make it complicated) i hear your steps thud against the… Continue reading a countdown (150)

observant (150)

fairness. justice. i'm watching, always observing, as you sneak around, stealing things that take your fancy. i know you do this purely on whims, on the appeal of the item right by you - you're like a magpie, hoarding away all your treasures before shattering them. (because you just have to be the one to do… Continue reading observant (150)