An Update, An Announcement

Hello. Been a while. Did you cut your hair? I haven't blogged on here in ages, and you might have noticed posts disappearing from here. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with writing, and crafting, and blogging, and the whole nine yards. I thought, after finally making plans, I'd come… Continue reading An Update, An Announcement


Off the Hook Monday, Round 1

I'm back! I spent three days partially crook at home, sore throat that is tickling again. I also spent a bit of time ruminating over where this blog is headed - a mini hiatus, really - and decided the Word Crush Monday wasn't doing it for me. Instagram seems like a good place for quotes,… Continue reading Off the Hook Monday, Round 1

letters to euturpe 57

it's thursday again and i've been delving into a semi-sci-fic book. it was alright, but not the ending i expected. i much prefer the book i'm reading now, though i probably won't review it. thinking i'll resume the link-up for contributions to this challenge. maybe re-change the nature, too, so as to include flash fiction.… Continue reading letters to euturpe 57

Day 48

Are we that deep into the year already? I looked at a library slip today and the due-back date was in March. It feels weird. I'm doing a free-write tonight to clear the cobwebs because I just spent an hour practicing things on Duolingo and now I have 205 things humming around my mind. This… Continue reading Day 48

invitation (300)

invitations. she declares it to be an art, in a world full of electricity which can send a request or suggestion to the intended recipient within seconds. she makes it a point to never use electric invitations, and scorns having to click yes instead of sending back the reply card. in a way she gets it,… Continue reading invitation (300)

necessity, 1.1 (150)

there's a bespoke bottle of perfume on my dressing table, unremarkable glass bottle all but blending into the wall behind it. i designed it a while ago, trying to pick out the various notes and fragrances that i felt best suited you; the ones that best reminded me of you, to be used when you… Continue reading necessity, 1.1 (150)

instability, 1.2 (150)

the wind wails through the cottage window, slipping through the tiny gaps that haven't yet been plastered over with glue. around me, the chill seeps in, the fireplace too weakly lit to do much good. under the wind, the fire dies down a little more; i place a screen in front of it, hoping to… Continue reading instability, 1.2 (150)