Moving House

Hello. Been a while. A couple of years ago I quit my blog Tucked Into a Corner for a SquareSpace page - well, I came to the realization that I really, really, really don't like SquareSpace. I don't find it as easy to use or as intuitive as WordPress. With that in mind, I've begun… Continue reading Moving House

necessity, 1.1 (150)

there's a bespoke bottle of perfume on my dressing table, unremarkable glass bottle all but blending into the wall behind it. i designed it a while ago, trying to pick out the various notes and fragrances that i felt best suited you; the ones that best reminded me of you, to be used when you… Continue reading necessity, 1.1 (150)

instability, 1.2 (150)

the wind wails through the cottage window, slipping through the tiny gaps that haven't yet been plastered over with glue. around me, the chill seeps in, the fireplace too weakly lit to do much good. under the wind, the fire dies down a little more; i place a screen in front of it, hoping to… Continue reading instability, 1.2 (150)

winter haze (400)

the city is indecisive tonight. late-evening sunlight glitters weakly off a myriad of glass, a maze of cars and buildings and filters through thin lace curtains. in the not-so far-off  distance, there's a series of factories and houses all burning fires. smoke rises, hangs heavy and congested in the air, curls into the buildings themselves… Continue reading winter haze (400)

Monday Book Review: Frosted Shadow

Back on the book reviews! Yay. It's occurred to me that if I remained logged in with my Goodreads account and marked every book I've read, I would have a really long list. OK. So, Frosted Shadow. Spoilers ahead. My summary: Toni Diamond is a make-up selling businesswoman, bit of a knack for trouble and a keen eye… Continue reading Monday Book Review: Frosted Shadow


Flash Fiction July, 18 Here is your hammer and chisel; over there, you will find a slab of marble. You may begin. It's remarkable, isn't it? It's deeply plain, such a perfect blank canvas for you to start making your mark upon. It's ready when you are; oh, I can see the thoughts as you… Continue reading Unwavering


sensible, you call me; elegantly-flung emotions flash, newly created, (remembered) on the floor. there, you see: i have always (never) been in control. mien: too tense, you say. cold. even so, you don't see all; nothing is (quite) as it seems. think as you will, i don't care. accuse me, if you will - loving… Continue reading sentimental

The Faux Landlords’ Act

It's been another six weeks since my last unusual encounter. The books continued streaming in, piled-up around the house in more stacks than I could possibly get through in one lifetime - only to stop as suddenly as they began. This evening, I'm late coming home from work; too many hours spent making very little… Continue reading The Faux Landlords’ Act