Through the Lens of a Faux Landlord

Either an explanation or a red herring. She's installed a new roommate hoping to cut down living costs. To the best of my legal knowledge, there was nothing in the lease contract prohibiting this, and it's always good to have the company.  It's been an adventure too, of a sort: living with someone who has… Continue reading Through the Lens of a Faux Landlord


Studying Faux Landlords

I have begun to try and figure out what plans there seem to be in place, that Penelope and Andrew are trying to make life more surreal than it needs to be. I'm used to living life in full logical order, not having things turned upside-down by people who connive unusual scenarios and don't know how… Continue reading Studying Faux Landlords

Interlude: Faux Landlords, Studying the Universe

The books began arriving in late May, for no apparent reason. They were always hand-delivered, as far as I could tell - there was nothing to indicate that they had been shipped, and every one of them was wrapped in plastic bags, plastic boxing. Anything, it seemed, to protect them from the elements while they… Continue reading Interlude: Faux Landlords, Studying the Universe

The Faux Landlords Come to Dinner

It's been several weeks since I last had a run-in with either Penelope or Andrew, but the last encounter is cause enough to stay on edge. Just the other day there was a postcard in my mailbox, sent from two cities over and with a business card taped to the back of it. Further inspection… Continue reading The Faux Landlords Come to Dinner

Passenger of a Faux Landlord

I'm driving, testing out my new car. It drives easily, a welcome change from the constant sputtering and coughing of the last one. The steering is smooth and the windows quick to move when controlled. A flash of blue catches my eye, standing out electrically against the overcast gray sky and white building nearby. The… Continue reading Passenger of a Faux Landlord

The Faux Landlords: The Cafe

It's a clear autumn day, the kind where you can sit in a cafe comfortably for several hours and while away the time.  There's a new cafe that's opened up in my neighbourhood, several weeks after construction and renovations began. This wouldn't be unusual, but what is unusual is the incrementally slow progress of the… Continue reading The Faux Landlords: The Cafe

The Faux Landlords’ Empire

It has been two months since I last encountered Penelope. The last I heard from her, it was on a postcard declaring that she and Andrew had to move to another city for reasons she didn't elaborate. So far it's been peaceful. There haven't been any unexpected drop-ins with cake, or books, and Jim from… Continue reading The Faux Landlords’ Empire

Tea and Cake With a Faux Landlord

The past month has gone quietly. I've had two essays due, managed not to burn the kitchen down while cooking, and I've not had any strange visits from people claiming to be my landlord. I'm just in the middle of pouring a cup of coffee when there's a series of knocks on the door. Somewhere… Continue reading Tea and Cake With a Faux Landlord

The Faux Landlords’ Odd Trio

It's an unusually sunny day and I'm in the sort of mood where even grocery shopping could be fun, rather than the usual chore. It's the type of day where one might speed through the aisles of  the supermarket, before racing home to offload and go to the beach. The doorbell rings. Peering through the… Continue reading The Faux Landlords’ Odd Trio

To Appease the Faux Landlords

part 1 of this series is here and part 2 is here. I enter the antique store to escape the stormy day. It isn't like any store I've been in before, and I'm no stranger to antiques - I once had to furnish a house on little money after all. From behind a curtain, there appears an elderly… Continue reading To Appease the Faux Landlords