Study of Living (400)

She paints her lips crimson. This is her favourite part of lipstick, the way the fresh red colour conjures up images of blood and stands out starkly on pale skin, untouched by sunlight. (the colour is her favourite of all, and the best part is the fact that red is the season's newest style. ladies… Continue reading Study of Living (400)


response to this challenge. They call it prestige. My friends - though I don't truly call them my friends - and I are handpicked, were selected years ago and cycled into a rotation. Each year we perform exams, swallowing chunky, chalky vitamin supplements to see ourselves through, downing sugar-free energy drinks at night and black coffee… Continue reading Patina


Response to this challenge. I am water. I am ever-changing, ever-evolving, twisting through life like you wish you could. (you wish i would change because right now you can't like me, i'm too unpredictable for you and oh, don't you wish you could be the one to change me?) I am unbending. I am a… Continue reading Unyielding


Response to this challenge. With you, time is clearer than ever. I'm acutely aware, always watching the clock - always waiting for the minutes and seconds to lapse, elude us as we try to outsmart them. Hours pass before us and I'm the only one of us who notices. You never did like to keep… Continue reading Outsmarted


Response to this challenge. He types. Sharp words twist forth from his keyboard, dancing through a cursor into pixellated life. He wants to be powerful, wants to feel the rush of energy that flows with spite and scorn and sanctimony. The words swim on the screen, biting and cold. It's an easy matter to press send,… Continue reading Downfall