New Month, New Stuff

It's October, you guys. October which I promptly re-christened as Socktober, because I taught myself to knit socks on the loom - did I tell you guys about this? - and I ordered chunky yarn from my favourite shop with one million and three varieties of yarn and wool. I can knit socks now. There, I've told… Continue reading New Month, New Stuff


Another Interlude

I've been beavering away recently. The Etsy store isn't going to replenish itself, and I sold out one item (although in all fairness it did only have one copy of that particular item). I've been finding loose pages to make book art, and digging back through past stories on here to find things for blackout… Continue reading Another Interlude

Take Six

I've lost count of how many times I was working on rebooting this blog. I was going to start again on Saturday and even drafted the first paragraph, but then I was also laid up with flu all week and I don't think writing was top priority. Not even third priority, really. Have you ever… Continue reading Take Six

Etsy Monday: Rainbow iPod Sock

I like to knit, when I get the time. Admittedly, this is perhaps once per week and also I'm not such a quick knitter that I can finish an item in an evening, much to my chagrin. Or dismay, whichever word you prefer. I like both equally. Thus, I am featuring an older item, one… Continue reading Etsy Monday: Rainbow iPod Sock