Over Coffee (39)

If we were having coffee I'd be running a bit late. Today's been a slower day than normal; I've been delving into some of the many cozy mysteries which have accumulated on the digital bookshelves. So far I've chewed through three very short novella-types and decided against a fourth. I'd tell you a bit more … Continue reading Over Coffee (39)


she collects pebbles until her hands are stiff. her fingers cramp up from inspecting them and her skirt pocket tears away under the weight. at home she tucks them into corners, glues them in place. tries not to breathe in the fumes. the leather satchel is torn, strips of material peeling away in places and … Continue reading vulnerable

Letters to Euturpe: 48

Tonight I've been knitting and polishing my German skills. I remember more than I thought, which is good. I like the challenge. I decided to make use of Duolingo in a more sensible way and just spend time on one language per night - German it is, then, for the foreseeable. At one point I … Continue reading Letters to Euturpe: 48

Word Crush Monday: Tolkien

I'm writing now to take a break from knitting. In the last hour I've mucked up the hat I was working on - a misadventure in decreasing - and found a pattern for fingerless gloves. Well, I need some form of challenge with my knitting, so why not gloves. Anyway, my fingers are now sore … Continue reading Word Crush Monday: Tolkien