lights + fog + elixir

honey-gold spills from the teapot, one quick sparkle under the sunlight. above the cup, the timed light snaps back on with fluoro glare.   the elixir cools, steam dissipating as it twists into nothing. on the horizon, fog rolls in, stays deep in the city.   the city draws to a stop, waiting for the … Continue reading lights + fog + elixir

Monday Book Review: The Sugar Hit

Do mine eyes deceive me? Did I get organized to write a book review? Why yes, I did. I suppose I was in the spirit. Finally found something that I wanted to review. So. The Sugar Hit. Second in the series, but it's the most recent I read - though the first one has stuck with me which is unusual. … Continue reading Monday Book Review: The Sugar Hit

Over Coffee (43)

If we were having coffee you'd be coming over and I'm running a bit off-kilter today. I'm editing a story and at this point the pages are covered in red, green highlighter all over the place. If it weren't for the fact that green highlighter is very neon I'd almost accuse it of looking Christmassy. Sorry, … Continue reading Over Coffee (43)

mixed seasons

the weather is indecisive. rain lashes at the roof even as the sky eases up, blue peeking through. five minutes later the temperature has dropped noticeably. it's good weather for a hot drink. every morning is crisp, clear blue sky and grass trimmed with light patches of frost. it's indecisive - can't seem to pick … Continue reading mixed seasons