Social Media


As you may know, I’ve been doing Blogging 201 for the past week or so. This fulfills the assignment for Day Eight, which is today: Create a page or similar to round up all social media presences. I’ve already got widgets in place, so this is in case you don’t like widgetry.

Also, having a nice neat list of links just appeals to me.

Here is my Facebook page.

This one is my Pinterest. Right now it is very bare-bones. I know. I have two ‘boards’ and one photo, which the site insists on calling a ‘pin’. I guess it looks very sad right now, but I’m planning to upload my Etsy sale items and maybe use it to start practicing my photo-taking skills. Once I figure out the mechanics of, you know, uploading stuff.

This is my Tumblr page, which is generally fed by my posts – several million years ago, I did sharing/linky magic so that the posts on here would automatically show up on my Tumblr. Confession, I very rarely log into Tumblr. Anyway, it’s there now so it will be left open until next time my computer throws a tantrum.

Here is my Twitter. I did the same share/link thing on Twitter as on Tumblr. I use it the most, because I love Twitter. It is one part blog links, one part stray thoughts and one giant part of all the other stuffs.

See you there!


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